Thursday, March 15, 2012

Polearms: Long Overdue

Well hey there, long time no see! Been very busy last few months but some things have transpired recently that have prompted me to get back into the scene. Most noteably among them have been my successes in leveraging my design eye to make a fortune with transmogrification as covered in PC Gamer, WoW Insider and WIRED (UK), as well as the success of the new traveling transmog fashion show, The WoW Factor where I've partnered with friends Noelani and Ironyca over at WoW Roleplay Gear and have handed my fortune back to the community in celebration of the best transmogrified looks we can find. Check out the media from the latest shows held on Tichondrius, Earthen Ring and the epic show from Proudmoore.

Polearms: Differentiation Analysis
Okay, okay /hug now let's get to it! When last we spoke, Polearms were on your minds. In fact they were at the top of not one poll, but two having outlasting both last minute surges by fans of 2H Maces (who between you and me are a force to be reckoned with, I really should get to their analysis!)